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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Hey peeps :) im so damn new in here . HAHA. its funny how i make this. i rasa ini kali ke-3 i buat BLOG. HAHA. so i hope this will be the last . yelah , first i make i dont exactly know how to manage this damn thing . guess what ? now i start to learn a bit :D Guys !! its 2011 ! well, i guess starting of this weeks . its sucks ! HAHA. really?? yeah , its sucks ! HAHA But i guess its just a starting isnt ?humm . i just wanna make some fren’s,bestfriend’s? boyfriend haa? HAHA. korang mesti fikir im just happy go lucky right? yeahh„ i do. i tak suka nak masam muka infront of my friend’s so i guess the problem that always found me, kadang2 hilang cmtue je. that why we really need a friends beside us. Always.By the way i jenis yang pentingkan my fellas more than my special . LOVER ? :) yeahh. if my BFF doesnt comfortable with my SBF, i berkemungkinan kurang keyakinan at mySBF. i dont know why . but that’s me .humm, FAMILY? the most important people that i need the most beside my BFF. :)well, guys.. kalau nak bercerita tentang diri ini . takkanhabis . well, we better stop it now . maybe will continue other day. :) ouh yeah, i really easy to be friends :) thanks guys who being beside me. LOVE YOU ALL.

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