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Thursday, January 27, 2011


i always dreaming bout something. dream that i nak try jauh and blajar berdidikari dah lama sangat. even sometimes i sendiri tak sure whethier i berani nak jauh dari family atau tak .hummm . . but now i dah nekad i nak stay sendiri , sendiri tak sendiri lah . with my own sibling. my sis EMA and ELy. :) my mom kasi green light okeyh ! hehehe. and i really want it . seriously ? if anything were good , im gonna moving to Key Ell :)) hehe ! im happy , for a first thing, im gonna have a great memories back with my siblings which is i really wanna it so badly ! second, im gonna try live my life with my own ! hehe . :D third i just takut i tak ley jauh lama2 ngn my mom !  I LOVE HER SO MUCH okeyh ! :) but well, demi future i . i have to live my own . :) and maybe bulan 6 i move sana . wait until my sys ELY finshed her stdy :) im gonna love it !

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