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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

its happening...

                                        who gonna be this lucky man??? dream dream .
hey :) 
firstly u guys tau tak i had a DREAM ! haha  . yeah, kind of sweet dreams lah. here the story... hehe :) 
okeyh, u guys taukan i cmner? kind of sosial, and in my dream i have a one man which so damn kind men , soft spoken,sweet, honest,responbility on him self or other's,caring damn much ! well, I JUSTFALL IN LOVE WITH MY MAN IN MY DREAM ! haha . weird kan? but reall, that what im feels, but if in a real world . real life hell no i will have someone like him. he just being too perfect for me.ofcourse i wish someone like him in my dream.but well dream its just adream isnt ?hehe . dream dream dream. keeping dreaming babe ! haha. 
second thing when im at hospital taking care of my lil sis , my aunty came by . haha . so damn suprised cause i dont know at all. seriously i dont know at all . then, tersebut lah kisah antara i ngn aunty i yang mana dah masing2 majuk . haha. but well, that;s  family." air dicincang takkan putuskan?' hehe . and the next suprised is my cuzzy dari KL datang straight away from there just because wanna celebrate my grandma birthday . haha . well yang buat i happy cause i dapat jumpa with all my anak sedara ! heheh . :) i sayang sangat with all my nephew and niece oke ! haha . penat jugak lah melayan diorang  kitorang having a great dinner at one BISTRO at NEW WORLD PARK, forget the name . haha. sorry :)but all their food ! seriously damn nice ! delicious ! marvellous ! hee  :) hope sume enjoy . and guys sorry tak pat nak blanja cause im broke . neway thanks for my aunty yang blanja !okeyh?? hehe and after makan cm biasa, i tak puas main nggn diorang punya lah melayan hinggakan mandi peluh i . hahah . bukan diorang but i ?? haha . i love them ! serious lah ! :) haha . 
and to TOK sayang sorry tok akak lupa sangat nak beli hadiah . humm :( but doesnt mean i dont love you , i LOVE YOU still !:) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOK !hope panjang umor lagii .:)) i love you ! and i LOVE MY FAMILY ! family is price less! KERANA DIRIMU BEGITU BERHARGA . hehehe
 happy birthday NENEK !! LOVE YOU!
 kesayangan saya ARRIEL
 kesayangan saya DANISH
 PALING NAKAL paling i sayang ! ALIFF !
this is mea !! grrr ! damn cute ! HAHA

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