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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Be 20 ! you are still young . Go and get some fun !

Never ask me to get some fun while i am having fun when all my bitches and my family's is around me ! Do take a note ! i know what im doing, i know what i want . please do never questioned what i need and why i need that ? okayh ! i know what the hell im doing, and i know what is the fuck that i need . okayh! if i un-matured, why should you still here and try to flirting with me ?  and do realize im not the girls easily you can fucked-up with , warn that .And again never and never and ever questioned me why i wanna be in serious relationship?  cause i know what im doing and i know i what i want. the real thing i want my mom to have a better life when i married someone like him. that the reason .and i know. "Kalau Ada Jodoh Tak Kemana ." so here i am , be what i want to be.
Alang2 dah cakap hal cmnie, and ramai yang pelik why im being matured and not like other's people that same age with me. which mean "Pemikiran" yang lebih kurang cm diorang . huhu, cause im not okayh ! i suke berkawan dgn orang yang lebih matured dari i , means yang umur nya atas dari i . :) bukan yang hanya tau nak berlagak , nak bershow off, nak berpakaian tah pape, kononnya UP TO DATE sangat smpai orang pun tak tau kau nie apa? excuse me ! its just not me ! i cant be hard core when im in RnB categories? right ? so, get a life . mind ur own :) 
Im done :)

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