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Sunday, February 27, 2011

the day :)

Its start on Thursday,Friday ,Saturday and Sunday . what its ? the day i am the TOURIST GUIDE ! besh jugak jadi tourist guide nie,cause jalan lepak smoke makan , haha. its just keep the same thing, just lepak di tempat yang lain2 lah . its not the same place lah , okayh !spent time with sandra , then on saturday with najat . :)
with this babe's , quite hillarious :) and i have so much fun with them .

Thursday : at morning i got call from fenz askin me to stay at nana house because sandra is coming . Then i am agree with that .

Friday : firstly i dont like the opening of the stories, cause SANDRA !!! u lambat ! werkk :P cause i hate to going out late cause everything that i plan wont work . humm, but well, i guess thing happen right ? so , here its, we reach at Prangin Mall by 4p.m maybe . then wherever that can we go by that time with no transport, here the answer, after we take our lunch by 4.pm just after we reach to Prangin Mall then we hang out at Fenz place, she is working by that time . and i and sandra totally out of idea , not out of mind okay? haha. after that we went to Starbucks at 1Avenue . Lepak kejap... then i saw one port there quite nice to have a lil snap of pic hee, a lil ?? sort of . haha We take around 1hours there snap pic, chit chat , and smoke's . and i love it ! HAHA, then by 7pm, both of us is blur cause we doesnt know where else that we can go.Then i have and idea while we walk at Komtar Walk, im askin sandra to take the Flyovers , hehehe just for a walk . why not right ? then we are they . then we walked until The Club's area . its was very exhausting ! but guess what ! Lucky me n her got a common ! hehe . WE JUST LOVE TO WALKED ! after that we walked back too fenz work place . :) in at the same time, we're walking a fairly quiet lanes, suddenly there is a terrifying noise.Sandra and I thought mightbe a snatch thief being followed. and I leap up and I kind of gonna have a heart attack. and when I turned to the back  and i was like FUCK YAA !a boy apparently is carrying his bicycle so fast . and the boy laugh at us . " yeahh boy , you got us !! shit ' .haisshh ! yang buat kan kitorang takut cause before that we were talking about how if got a snatch thief came to us ! and shit ! hahaha, kind of funny but trust me ! its so damn shock ! im so terrified ! after that we goin back home , we have dinner near by their house means Nana, Fenz and Kya . and kalau dah nama lepak at tempat warung je , apa lagi kalau tak kena kacau kan ? and that what happen to nana. ada 2orang budak . trust me they still "BUDAK BUDAK" , try nak langgar nana but not for real lah . ngan cara yang nak mengatal lah kan ! so , nana and fenz macam " ishh ! apa nie ! " kind of cmtue lah ! and the boys cm dok bebel lah , macam2 die dok kata but the past is . haha , he shout and say " dahlah Lesbian !!" and i cm , kelakar pun ada ,like how they know that ? kan ?eeww ! please ! but bukan cara kitorang sume nak melayan jantan2 yang jenis nak merempit cmtuh ! no no no ! korang nak makan hati korang makan lah hati ! kitorang ttp takkan layan ! hahaha kesian korang kan ? and kesian nana fenz and kya  nak kena face diroang tuh silap2 tiap2 hari kan ? humm . kesian jak . bodoh punya orang ! haha . then balik umah tido . abih lah citer utk hari JUMAAT !

Saturday : Ouh great ! tgk movie sampai ke pagi, nak kuar rasa lemah je ! haish ! but well , today more fun ! cause i have Sandra and Najat with me ! and we are going to Batu Feringghi ! " Ouhh Helloo Beachh !" haha nothing more excited about that !hehe ! So, we going out from home by car and we stop and petrol station, and i yang masukkan minyak , guess what , someones ask me " hye, boley kawan tak ?" and i was like blurr, and just ignored him and he left . what the , why i sombong sangat ? sorry ! itu bukan sombong itu jual mahal ! so dude ! kalau ada babe's yang tak melayan tak makna diroang sombong diorang just jual mahal ! stop bout that ! after we take a lunch we straight go and get a bus going to batu feringghi and near by a hour we on that bus ! and korang boley bayang tak by noon , bus yang mana nak bau wangi ? eewww ! all flavour ade k . not just one ! haha . adui ! and paling besh ! tempat duduk tade ! lucky najat die dapat duduk kat bahagian atas tuh ! hahahah !kalau korang naek rapid blakang driver t ade tempat tinggi tuh ! haaa ! she was sitting theere ! :D kind of funny but its cute ! okayh now start all the stories . hehe . bila dah dalam bus masing-masing rebut kan tempat duduk so between the three of us . i got first ! hell yeah ! haha . then najat ! then sandra ! and we were sitting like a stairs and there is a tourists from Australia maybe was laught at us cause keep change our seat . haha , then we change again . like sandra and i in 1 couple seat and najat at back of us . hahah, and last is at OKU place and totally we are OKU ! hahaha cause I fight for a seat with 1 guys, and he almost put his bag there and I feel very bad okay, Cause i already stole his seat, and i can see he smilling kinds of apes ! know what i mean ! perli ! jahat ! or ii yang jahat ! atlast kitorang bertiga dapat duduk sekali ! keh keh keh ! :D haha, jahat kan ? lagi jahat , when we saw one aunty there and me and najat like masing pandang satu sama lain, and i was like " najat, kesian aunty tuh , should i bangun ke ?" heheh . then najat terdiam . then " alah die kuat tuh , seat belakang ada die tanak duduk , " then i biarkan lah sehinggalah kitorang smpai and guess what ! that guys ! senyum again!  bukan senyum nak mengatal but senyum cm monyet lagi ! hahaha geram kan ! yeah ! i am ! then kami pun smpai and we drop at The Ship sempat amik gambar situ beberapa snap then we are walking and walking smoke and smoking . hehe . until smpai at Bayu Senja maybe ! and there is ! " Pantaiiiiiiiiiii ...... ! " okay okay ! i orang penang !but guess what i jarang lah pergi ! huhu even i love the view ! hehe ! and and sesampai je ! shit ! we ginna have sunburn okayh ! hahaha !! yeah cause panas sangat but i tak bising lah cause panasss ! cause i love beach! just takut nak mandi ! fobia maybe ! sayangkan ? humm . i know . smpai je apa lagi kitorang terus snap sana snap sini . itu jelah keje kitorang okayh ! haha , then i saw something ! hehe , the back door of hotel Paark Royal . bila i naik , i saw many of people tgh bersantai , mostly the western lah kan , haha  . then i saw a  lot of people gathered in one place sort of like having a show or somethig . then i asked najat and sandra come upo haha . then ! so suprised cause its a snak e show ! hahaha ! then sandra and najat ! larikk turun ! haha . and i was like laughfing but when u guys saw how the snake been thought and the TUAN PUNYA SNAKE mengajar korang nanti rasa something connection with it :) and i feels it even i was scared how if ular tue lompat ke kan ? huis! tanak i bergelumang ngan ular nie . haha , then , tgh ktorang lepak kat satu pondok nie ! ada 2guys nie satu chubby and satu kurus and putih and pendek sikit dari yang chubby tuh . ahaha, then when i was walked at there with sandra and the shortest man say " hye .. " and i pusing then senyum im not sure too me ort sandra but sandra jalan dulu ke depan  so for me ke ? taht is the question but bila i pusing ke belakang die senyum . hehe . and diorang tgh amik pasir laut . buat pe tah . haha . and yang palingg i gellliiii sangat ! hahahaha ! i terlibas rambut i and tada niat pun depan diroang nak buat contoh ayu ke ! haha . cause i buat cause dah rimas rmbut ke depan bab panas k . haha ! stop about that ! haha, then kitorang sambung maen pasir semua, hehe  and baring baring kat laut ! haha , abih suma pasir . and kitorang still tak sempat tgk sunset cause najat ajak balik . hummm . . .  :( sedey ! but takpelah . " Dont be selfish ! try enjoy kan diri orang laen semua okayh !"that what i am try to be and try to do . so dear all my babe's hope korang happy !! :) then we took bus back to prangin mall , and guess what for first kitorang rasa lega sangat dapat nek bus and feels all the airocond and sangat sejuk . huhu . ! then ! fucker sungguh bila a drunker seat beside me ! and eewww ! die asyik dok mai dekat je . i ajak najat . najat diam je . -.- humm . but well, amik keputusan tuk tido cause tanak pikirkan sal drunker tuh . huhu ! lucky we are at Komtar at last ! haha ! sangat memenat kan okayH ! but it was a great trip having with all those people craziest people . hahah . then malam kitorang dinner kat bawah rumah fenz,nana and kya with sandra and najat . and again da orang panggil " dalah kaum nabi LUT ! " and i was like " nana pe tuh kaum nabi lut ?" yeah . im not so good in this . and nana tol me , again ! haha . kaum nabi lut is homosexsual ! ouh gosh ! lagi korang kena ? pelik lah ! cmna ley diorang tau ! hish ! . 
  • and guys ! tolong jangan jadi macam ni orang tak layan so kita kena cakap all the bad word ! memang korang semua ni sangat kampung okayh ! haha ! so jangan lah jadi cmnie ! korang taktau ! perempuan memang suka laki mulakan dulu ! but bukan dgn nak hye hye depan public ! okayh ! itulah point nye jadi lah laki yang ada maruah tinggi sikit ! korang faham kan ? so , dont do it ! jangan jadi budak kampung tadak akai ! hahaha end for saturday . 

Sunday : pagi kul 5 dah kena hantar najat kat keta , die dah kena balik cause kul 8pagi dia ada class, then " bye bye najat ' Ouh Dear Najat , hope you happy ! and enjoy ! hehe . penat ? i tau u mesti penat ! kan ? humm cause i feels the same ! but its fun! and im having a fun with you too ! :)
by 12pm i ngn sandra pulak kuar cause sandra balik kl kul 2setengah bus die sampai . and smpai lah bus die and i bet whe i wrote this she already there kan ? hehe . :P so sandra  do hope you happy sangat and enjoy our trip heehehe . even not a real trip . :) i just wanna both of you  to have some fun okayh ! :) that what im trying to do :)  
end's here . hope korang tak bosan nak baca . hehehe
~love you guys ! 

p/s : gambar akan di upload later ;P

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  1. yahhhhh I had so muchhhhhhhhhhhhh fun with you guys :)