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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dear Abdul Halim Ramlan ...

See, he such of hardcore right ? haha, wanna see more click his link :)

Or you guys can just go to his link My Fake Hunny Bunny :) . why i called its fake? cause we dont even declare yet . its just for fun , i was telling him my story how i being single for 2 years then he ask me to do that , so , if for fun why not :) but when its start from fun its begin too a serious question , so , no need lah i desribes how just ,
Dear, its to early for us to be in loved, but its unpredictable right?  jodoh semua kan kat tgn tuhan. entahlah too early to talk about all of this :) but dude ! its fun to have chit chat with you ! tak bosan lah ! and !  i pegang janji you belanja i movie at Sunway Carnival oke ?? :) and i do hope kita ley lama lama :)) hehe , 
Love Lynda

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