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Sunday, February 20, 2011

pa dia ???

 HAHA, and i was like ??  "ouh wait, who are you again?" or " do i look like i know you dude ? " that what im gonna to tell those people who trying to flirt , or im just like looking down and go away from there maybe ? haha, im kind of shy person maybe . hahaha im only shy to those people its too cute . :D and that happen when i went to the mini market near my house , haha, its funny when i trying buy a ciggarate he was stand right beside me and i dont even realize he was there . HAHA, i just feels like someone is watching me, cause i scared too look at them cause i am trying get my cigar , ofcourse how if my mommy fren?? then kantoilah i was buying a cigar .right ? haha, so after i get my cigar i just walkes out the store then i am look at him and i saw he smile at me, and the shit is i dont even smile at him . haha , its sucks LOL .not just that h e is rushing get his stuff then he chase after me only to say , " Hey !! hye you ! " haha, im looking back and just smile at him . hahaha, its so ddamn funny cause its in public, and those people there is staring at us. what a shit ! maluu lah weyh ! hahaha and i give a smile then i just left him there , and i know he still wanna ask me more, but i just ignored. i dont know him. and i dont even know whether he know me before or not. huhu. but maybe we gonna meet again cause its near my house :P bythe way he is cute, he's taller than me . he tuff . smart . rarely i saw a guys like him here means neear my house cause my home area its full with chinesse :) Im lucky if i can saw him again, and i fromise i will smile and say hey to him. kekekeke . :D

and i was like this face :

 and he was like this :

 and i promise next time gonna be like this :)

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