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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thanks yayunk, or you guys just can go to her blog, http://palaceofnyno.blogspot.com/

                                                  Cute kan die ?? syomeeeyy !
The girl  i know from Formspring, honestly you ! i ingat you nie jenis berlagak giler ! haha , well, like people say, dont judge the book by its cover kan? and its so freaking true . heeh . u are different , tak sombong, friendly cute ! ofcourse lah you lawa kan ! :) and girl i do appriciatte you letak something bout me at your blog, sebagai balasan here something bout you . :) ouh yeah ! both of the great pic yang you editkan . cantikk lah syg ! you edit guna apa haa ? cause i always used the Photobucket only . hehe .thank thank thank . and sygs, i curik pic you letak at my blog, so people know who am i trying too praise so much here . hehe . thanks syg :) yeah guys . do follow her on her blog :)

                                      and ini dua pic yang girl nie editkan tuk i . cantikkan ? :)

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