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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

there's will be nothing bout you no more after this . serious shit no more .

You, sorry , sorry cause tuduh u macam2 , cakap u bukan2 , i tak percaya u,  and i cant understand you !
hell yeah ! i tuduh macam2 cause what have you done to me ! hell yeah i tak percaya you if you selalu tinggalkan " question mark in our's . and hell fuckingyeah !! i make you mad, i make you hate me ! cause i dont want us to stay together !i dont know the reason why, but i cant let you fall, cause i scared i cant hold you for too long , yeah, Im sorry , i hurt you , cause in mean time i hurt too . . and if you read this, this exactly why im make you mad cause i need you to hate me . . this is the reason why , and sorry again i make this post cause ii dah tak tau kat sapa i nak ngadu . only this way can make me feels better . Ouh fuck i hate my self ! megattt ! im so sorry syg ! i didnt mean ! for first time in my life , " aku tataw apa salah aku sampai kau cakap mcmtuh and its really hurts" and i am crying all over cause you say this to me . my fault ! i didnt meant to be mean !im sorry megat ! i got a strange connection between me and you , and i wont admit it . and we are getting closed, that the reason why i did this . i dont want to loved you and i dont you to loved me cause i know its hurt when its come to break up thing . . im not brave enough to face all this for now . i need some more times . and megat ! sorry sorry sorry sorry !! forgive me please . .

p/s : im gonna miss you ! :(

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