Fellas :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

This is for you ♥ .

Yes I miss you more than you know .Dont get me wrong this is not love. Its just the strange feeling that i had with you . And only with you i feel this . eee! Honestly , i dont want this, but people say we cant stop the feeling right ? i miss you Megat , miss to have a arguement with you , miss when you call me loser so do i , miss the moment we both dont want to get lose !i miss all the moment , if you read this, yeah , i miss you, you told me, no need to be waiting for you, but i did even its hurt but like always i love to get hurt . Dear Megat, i know something inside you . that what make me wannna be more close with you . please, never and never forget bout me, do miss me, :) and please take care of your self, study hard so does not mean you should ignore your healthty okay syg? I MISS YOU LOSER ! and sygs ! ii did put Faizal Tahir picture cause baby u look like him . hehe :)  ♥ xoxo

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