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Monday, March 21, 2011

baby you did told me before , 
"im gonna take you away from here.im gonna get us away from this place. ive come to take you away from everything youre afraid of, everything you hate, everything you love. ive come to take you away because i want you here with me more than anything and when were here we have to worry about stupid things. like what people think of us, and who disapproves and who were going to hurt. when i take you away, there wont be any of that, because it will just be me and you.”
i smiled until i thought my cheeks would never go back to normal. i smiled like i had never smiled before. i was so happy. so extremely happy.
“of course. take me away with you right now.”
and you smiled just as widely as i did and we kissed. 
~but all this is memory ~

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