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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

can i story bout you ? NO ? do i look like i care ? HAHA

Okayh this about someone i knew end of 2009 . hishh , agak susah jugak nak bercerita sal die takut kantoi , but i hope die tak baca, cause die pun tak da blog . hehe . well, again its about a men again . haha, but he different, cause he different , huhu. nak kata handsome, tak handsome sangat .but korang takkan suka dia dari mata ke hati , cause i suka at die dari hati ke mata .hehe, You know what ? cause die softspoken, lembut je die cakap even die marah ,korang takkan tengok die ngamuk.seriously . first i thought i dah mula get over bout him , then baru2 nie i realize yang susah actually nak larik dari die plus he is my Flesh blood BFF . how hard its ? humm, i never ask him to love back cause i just need him to feels i was there . serious, icause i know there's no way for him to love me . so what for right ? humm , " Jangan Terlalu Berharap " and that what im trying to do ,
i spent alot to him when im crazy bout him i means alot . but i tak pernah mintak tuk die ganti semua tuh dgn cintakan i . no bukan cara i  . like i told you guys i just wanna him feels im around and a lil bit appriciate of me that all .hee, i still remember the first time i saw him , with my fren at garage , they were talking and im in car , serious hit kena gigit nyamuk je . first time masa tuh sumpah i berlagak giler . haha . i still remember that time die pakai jeans lusuh , sandal's and topman shirt kaler putih , i still remember then i heard from my fren about him ! anything ! start from there i start ask my fren who is he, how is he,what he like the most,and start from there i always ask my fren to bring him along when we are hang out ! hehe . :) every weeks are movie day with him and them dinner hang out shopping ! hehe . everything ! hehe , until , i found out he is scandal with someone and he in love like crazy with that girls and i was like , hurt of course , but well, im just a Secret Admires what else i can do , humm . . i remember when he goin to continue study "You, tunggu I , 2tahun je tak lama . nanti i balik, tunggu I smpai balik " hehehehe im so damn happy ! of course what else i can feels that time .ayat die tuggu " tunggu die smpai balik?" what does that mean ? humm . well , if you know someday ill always like you like forever . cause with you i feels like i am somebody else . :) 

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