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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

im happy if you are happy with her .

Dear Mr.Freak 
its show how much you care bout her than me .
and its show i got nothing to compare with her .
YES ! im giving up . 
you also take it like its not a big deal . 
so what you want me to do ?
still waiting for you ?
while i know you play with another dolls?
yeah, you told  me everything i need . 
and that enough to make me happy . 
but guess what?
that is not enough to make me believe in you .
Dear Mr.Freak.. 
im start to fall in love with you .
i guess its fucked up .
and i know the most thing that i need now its you to be on my side .
but im not that selfish .
to have what i want.
to own what i need .
and doesnt care what people think bout it . 
yeah . i care what surround us gonna think if i stick with you .
im taking my way to leave .
even its only at the moment
im glad i am happy with you .
and im glad you told me everything i need . 
i appricciate it every single words . 
and baby,i can feels it when you were asking me for a hugs and kisses . 
its like for a real .
and i feel its like its so closed .
and how i wished you were here .
the moment you told me 
" you just the type of girl that i like " 
feels like whole world its mine . 
plus " i was going to tell you from the first we knew each other, but only  now i am brave to tell you this " 
what else do i can thought bout it unless a lil hope from you . 
well, i guess we are from two different world . 
two different style of life .
two different of love 
two different of mind 
two different of hearts .
and i never thought that we can stick in 1 world . 
i want you like this 
you want me like that 
how supposed we live in two different side of view ?
there is no way right ? 
the better way for us 
is that im taking my way off  :)
loving you is so lovely thing that i ever had
let you go slowly is killing me inside .
and i will never forget about that . 
never and never ever .
Dear Mr. Freak 
if you were read this , 
im sorry i never have a courage to let it out everything that i should 
my faith to telling you the truth is like a small little ant .
but im glad you told me something that i need . 
now im leaving ,
leaving of my love from you .
and im gonna stick with you like ussual like before we were in too .
and Mr.Freak i love you .
and ive been like you for a first month we knew each other . 
thanks for be somone in my life . 
i promise you Freak  , 
im gonna stand here . 
and still smile all the way just like before . 
and Mr. Freak .. 
you are the greatest Freak Freaking Fucking Fucker make me fall in :)
thanks for that . 
Im appriciate it more than you know . :)


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