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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kenangan Masa Terindah .

Jangan terkejut kalau saya jumpa gambar lama nie ! acctually niat i upload gmbar nie just for reminder or make me never forget about how i start to know a real friendship , a real love that i should be involved  , the love as FRIENDSHIP . i ound this freaks is when i start doin my parttime at Stefeno Boutique :)
babe ! i bet you still remember all this right ? hehee . well, alang alang dah story nie , did you teh second picture and i was with RYNA NANO at fb you can find her , or for is Kak Ina . she is fucking good ! and i tak malu nak mention here kakak-kakak i sendrir tak jaga I cmner die jaga i , die treat i, i susah die tolong, i sakit die tolong, untung ada kakak yang ley jaga i . :) and yeah, die tak upto date sangat . but serious ly ! dalam sepuluh sorang je boley jumpa orang cm die yang terlalu pentingkan friendship :) I LOVE YOU K.INA ! hehe, and here jugak i kenal budak giler Fenz, haha . banyak sangat memories when i was works at that boutique. The close relation that we have is unussual ! like so family ! and i love them ! rindduu nya all the moment ! humm, but well time is moving, and so do we :) but that doesnt change how much i love all this freaks !

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