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Monday, March 21, 2011

lonely :(

Dear Baby, 
I sit here listening to music and surfing the internet and i feel lonely. i feel like no-one is here. which is true, because i am home alone. but i wish someone was here. i wish someone was here so badly it hurts. i wish someone would come along and really care what im talking about. i wish someone would come up behind me and play with my hair. i wish someone would curl around me as i sleep. i wish someone would whisper goodnight into my ear so that was the last thing i heard. i wish so badly it hurts. i wish so badly i feel stupid. i wish so badly, that with each second, i feel even more lonely, i wish even harder. but most of all i wish you were here. i wish you were holding me as i just sat here, thinking. i wish i could just listen to the comforting sound of your voice; of your breathing as you contemplate your words. i wish that you knew i wished all these things and that you wished them too. i wish these things were true. i wish i had you.
but the thing is, all these things are wishes. and sadly, wishes don’t tend to come true very often.

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