Fellas :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011


i meet someone last week, couple past ago , she is my lover . and how sweet can meet her back . but too shame . i dont even say hye to her . she just right beside me . well, WAL, you look sweet ! how i miss when the time we did fall in love to each other . and thanks for fenz introduce us :) But we did hate each other ist ? why should us ? humm , you left with no reason . then you hate me ? why ? that is the reason why long distance not working .but wal , have you before in my life . so damn wonderfull! i still remember while we still together , im just keep smile wal, you make happy  . i wish i could turn back time and fix everything right . 
yeah ! im Bisexual :) 
now im more to guys :)

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