Fellas :)

Monday, March 14, 2011


HAHAHA , sumpah kelakar , before this dude ! seriously , mmg takpandai ah nak merepek meraban . haha and i was shock when he told me " your body makes me turn up and down, and i didnt expext for a model sexy shape" kahkahkah sumpah kelakar ! but TER-appriciatte pun ada cause nampak cm die serious . huhuhu . kan kan ? :D then die cakap " I mmg dah lama suka orag yang type cm you " bagi i maksud lebey dalam ag boley ? hahaha ! SUMPAH ! i mmg tak expect ni dari die , cm pelik je fred tba2 cm tuh . huhu . :D
But thanks my dear freddy :)  

xoxoxoxFreddyxoxoxox .

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