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Thursday, March 24, 2011

please dont you ever give me your heart, cause all i can do now is break it.

Yes Dear.. I know it was my fault flirting around with you . 
But seriously i never meant to have a serious relationship. Its just im not ready by now.
Yes you are awesome!
But dude you kind of bored. Im really dont like someone with an arrogant attitude like you do have. 
You always proud of what you have,what perfume that you wear,what brand that you need, and how easy you can have money . 
Yeah i do love money but not with someone is too arrogant on what did they have .
You sort of wanna show off evrything you got, everything you need.
I dont take it like a problem if you told me what you wanna have when you go for shopping or what.
But dude, Not everytime we on the call, not evrytime when you are texting me .
Please, its so damn annoying. 
And dude you are annoying me with all that attitude.
But dont get make me wrong i know you are good lover, i know you are fallin for me . 
But please not now, 
not just because your this kind of attitude,its just because i dont know whether i really need someone now. 
I dont feels like i love you .
I like you but love you maybe not.
Please dont begging of me.
Cause im gonna let you win. 
Then you gonna get hurt, please i cant just simply love you .
You such a caring and loving. 
And i know you care about me and keep calling me for non stop and sorry sometimes i did not answering your call and you msg.
Its not i hate you okay. Im just feel so annyoing sometimes with you . Im sorry dude . 

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