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Thursday, March 24, 2011

She is just KICKING OUT everything she had :)

Even ANTP cycle 15 already done. and i was reading someone blog and she is mention bout this MODEL. And let me begin this with she is just not a MODEL !  As we all know, from America's Next Top Model cycle 15 we came to find someone so unique and different, yet she delivers amazing photo shoots.
She doesn't even look healthy to me. She has a skinny-boned body. And a little bit of a weird face. She looked completely different compared to her Polaroid photo to all her beauty shoots.But the point is she standin up . And she try to improve her self eventhought her old life is sucks. Because she is too skinny and odd and even many who almost wished she lost her confidence.Yeah, she did , she lost her confidence a while and sometimes she dont even have courage to having fun with all her friend just because her type of body . And she more spentime with her family.
But here she is , AMERICA"S NEXT TOP MODEL, and i guess those who always say a bad thing for her, must shocked like a thousand millions of shock . HAHA. She prove it . Nothing can stop her for chasing her dream . Right? I wish i can be so brave and high confidence like her . Well Congratulation Ann . You did it ! :) and you did Prove to everyone you know and everyone who lost their confindence level . You are awesome ann !

Just look unhealthy body that make her PERFECT now.

She is damn fucking rockin on what she had .

FUCK ! She look etremly gorgeous !

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