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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

should I ?

the story begin with , " hummmmm " kesian dak ano,
dah 1tahun lebey dia cuba nak dapatkan I. and yeah , for once I cuba couple dgn dia. but the thing its just not work .and like ussual i yang terpaksa ask for a break up. but yang pelik ano tak pernah nak give, nak marah , cuma dia penah cakap dia kecewa sikit, cuase die kata die try so hard to make it work but its doesnt , and ini citer tahun lepas, and tahun nie sekali lagi he try to win my heart. and baru semalam cara die cakap lain sangat . humm . takut jugak I die kan dah 27, and the times for him to make a bigget change to his life, and i dont him try to prupose me on . cause for now im so in confusing so many way, to have a serious relationship, and i dont really know what i really need in. humm,im not try to act like i am a hottest and dude are chasing me, nOOO !im just dont feels like to be in loved ! and please ! bukan jual mahal . how supposed i can be in loved if my heart is just not ready, yeahh, i boley couple but then after few months ? i dont want that to be happen . -.- hummm . .im so sorry ano , i tau you baikk sangat . caring, sweet , soft spoken, but i just cant beside you terlaluu mengikut you jarang bantah apa i nak  buat . humm . -.- im sorry , and im just not reaady okay . :| so sorry ano :( but ! i still need you to be here ookayh ano . i know you will :)

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