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Sunday, March 20, 2011

w h y ?

Couple few days ago we were fine. macam biasa i still smile on you so do you . but then suddenly you look down, then you didnt reply my text at all ? but why ? okay, im a bit dissapointed cause i told you that im gonna wait for your text first but then you didnt do that, lets make all this clear okay .you are my friends and i never ask more than that ? ive been asked you to make a promise to stay on myside , not because i want you more than freind . i am comfortable with you as a F R I E N D . i just tak nak you salah anggap .atau cara i salah pada you ? I do appologise if I did anything wrong to you . but as i know i didnt do nothing dude, i dont wanna know more but tell me why you keep avoiding me ? then you are free to go .i wont bother you even  a second .
Do i look like i missing something ? yeah, i missing someone who make me smile by 3am? who could do that ? you did hazzeq !sampai ke subuh you layan i . but then suddenly  you diam . just imagine how if i did the same thing to you ? will you feel the same ? HELL YEAH you will dude ! banyak sangat nanti you rasa, suddenly rasa okay , and then you diam terus . unless i orang yang tak ada hati dan perasaan yang tak boleh rasa apa you buat okayh.EVEN AS NORMAL FRIEND .
And for your information your friend did ask me " You gf hazziq ke ?" my answer is " NO, we were just like a good friend . "  now you got it, you are my buddies dude ! and how come you could did this to me ! its hurt ! werkk ! its doesnt mean i hate you . but ITS HURT ! atleast please say something ! okay ! Do allert before you did something . and, like say, IM SO SORRY IF I DID ANYTHING FREAKING WRONG TO YOU . :) but please. . i rindu you teman i borak sampai ke subuh !
What i need is a answer . so , could you give me something ?

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