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Monday, March 21, 2011

you are so annoying .

i would never say something like that too a BABE's but i did. 
and babe you are such a freaking ANNOYING .
me and him there is nothing. 
and babe you should realize that you just a EX. 
so do mind your own bussiness?
why all my post do you have to " LIKE" . 
you make me uncomfortable seems like i am taking your bf or EX .
and babe dont tell me i deleting you cause i am scared? 
why should I? 
by the way your boyfriend or your EX its not even my type at all :)
im just feeling comfortable to share something with him.
to be my boyfriends maybe ill think twice babe .
babe, you look more hot than me . 
even you kind of bitchy.
so there is nothing  you scared of, 
if he did like me 
maybe there is something wrong bout you okay. 
and babe he is a nice man . 
such a waste if you still act like a bitch and wanted him back with nothing .
IM SORRY to say, 
he is yours if you know how to handle the relation. 
Once again, im not scared of anything 
im just feels so damn annoying on you babe. 
Not your ex :)

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