Fellas :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

i learn something from you :)

The last breathe
I breathe with you
The last joy
I had joy with you
The last kiss 
I kiss with you
The last hugs
I hugs with you
The last love
Im in love with you
The last tears
I cry cause of you
The last sadness
Im depressed cause of you
The first man I ever love
You are the one
The last one I want to be with
Absolutely not you .
From everything I learned
When you were with me
From every soul I feel
When we are together
From every tears
You make it fall
From the promise you give it up to me
You break it up every single of that
Near by A years I took time to forget everything
From happier too sadness
From A to Z
Everything bout you
Is in my hand
The memory never be end
And Im glad I learned everything from what did happen .
Now almost 2years and 2month
We’re not together
And im happy finally I realize
You are not the one which I wanna spent my whole life with you .
And do thanks to you cause you make me
Became someone with a brave hearts
And I never regret had you in my life before
Cause again from you I learned everything :)


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