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Saturday, April 16, 2011

more i know you more i lost you

let me keep everything inside until i found something to improved.
let me act like nothing happen even inside its hurt so bad, 
Dear Allah help me to find the way for i stop loving someone for easily,
Its not so bad for loving someone and its not so good to keep hurting ourself cause of love doesnt exist .
the truth is there you and me from two different world,
just like Calvin Klien and Roxy .
and the choice you got between 4inch of heel too 6inch of heels .
and i dont even wear 2inch of heels, 
the simple of me and more the comfortable i got :)
dont you realize i always keep my smile there 
stay and it wont change cause i wont allowed you too look at me with a sad emotion
im not to good to hide my expression
yet you catch me up with a tears at my cheek .
you try to wiped it out
but more its falls 
the tears cant stop falling but guess what still stay and wont change?
i keep smiling eventhough its hard to watching you by my side .
more harder cause i know i wont and i will never had even a second to hold you in my arms
to cry on your shoulder
to hugs you tight
to kiss you softly 
to hold your hand 
to looking into your eyes and tell you 
" baby, its me you looking for and ill love yaa for a single second of mylife " 
and i know i wont had a change to tell you that 
but here it is 
im still happy and im still smiling
even its so damn hurting me cause i know 
                                                                   i will never hold you .....

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