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Saturday, May 28, 2011


Happy Birthday BestfriendForever .
I dont really have the latest picture actually lastnight picture still didn upload yet . 
so guys sorry :) but ill promise you guys i upload it as soon as i get the picture . okay :) 
babe, you already turns up 24th by this years .
you are older than our groups and you are the one looking more younger than us .  haha
funny right ? LOL . 
the one thing is this budak kecik matang ! and kadang kadang mengalahkan budak budak haha . 
babe , you already 24th . lagi 2tahun  im going to your WEDDING! haha . 
i know you must say "MEREPEK" .
haha, but that is the fact one day you'll get married have a baby and get shopping with the baby . haha
this is the fact ! i always pray for your happiness . 
and do succes in you carier . 
i kow you can :))
i know you are damn happy now, sweet family sweet lover , sweet friends like us isnt ? hee 
whatsoever, wish your happines and good luck babe ! 
you have done for 24thyears isnt? 
Let's get the party started ! 
damn ! i thought the birthday girl going down ! 
guess im wrong ! 
i was so like sober to hell ! 
how's great never thought that i was going to be like that ! haha 
but yet im having so much fun !
hugging kissing dancing drunk !
get the ass move babe ! haha 
well, i having so much fucking fun last night . 
with my hot babe's , Fenz, Nana, Kya and D ! 
girls night out ! 
that its ! 
enought for this entry ! 
picture will coming right after this post . :) 
thanks :)

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