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Monday, May 16, 2011

i am being me for loving you :(

Beautifull ? 
The titlle that i will never own . 
Sweet ? 
I heard people call it several times .
Cute ? 
No wonder they are calling that . 
Cause i am ;) 
I am not a perfect lover if that what are you trying to find within someone . 
But im try so hard to be a perfect who only loves you .
Im not so good . 
That pray to allah every azan coming .
And im know im not to solehah for being someone wife . 
If that what are you trying to say .
Im lost if in the middle town and i got no way to runs . 
And yet ill seat there all alone while there is tears cannot stop . 
And there is the point when i need someone to hold my hand and bring my somewhere . 
And that is the reason why i need you . 
Cause baby im feeling save when im  around you .
I didnt wear something sweet sometimes
And i do admit im in messy sometiimes . 
And baby i did fall when i walk in street . 
Infront of other's people . 
And baby im not perfect . 
But yeah i am trying so hard to love you more than you thought .  
Even you did break my lil heart sometimes . 
And i take it as a challengge in our realtionship . 
I do let you win we are in argue . 
baby , ILOVEYOU! 
Did you hear that i love you more than you know :( 
And sometimes i do sulk and i need you try and make me okay back . 
And yet you the one who sulk .
And when im try to fix it . 
You deny it .
Baby , im sorry . and i love you . 
do listen hear and keep it I LOVE YOU MEORHAQIMY!

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