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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June is coming . :(

for me he is the best ever :)

What is wrong with JUNE babe ?
is that what you guys gonna ask me ? 
that its ! june is full of memory between me and him .
the one that i loved the one that i need the one that i would do anything for him the one that i will change my self just for him .
full of memory with him . he's the one that make me proud of myself . 
cause he's the one make me dont even care what people gonna judge on us . 
he treat me well , he love me over the limit , he care about me over the limit , 
he need me just like i need him more than everything . 
he dont even care what people judges on us .
and i am living with him like in this world only we both . 
we living in our own world . and nothing more sweetnees then be around him .
for god sake i love him .cause he make me feel special . nothing much . 
he appriciate me as i am . he accept me whatever i am . 
that make more special . we having long distance relationship .
and ofcourse there was here and there a lil problem .
but its was normal thing for a long distance relationship . 
for god sake you guys , its hard for me for telling the untruth to him ,
almost 8-10 i am telling the truth thing . damn !
i was so in love that time . and i am blind with everything 
. and one thing he is just too honest ! he telling me everything and that started when im get hurt slowly . its kiling me slowly . 
even he went out with others girl he also telling me which is im appriciate it even its hurt .
yeah makan dalam weyh !sangat makan dalam ! 
jenis i, i akan cepat terasa but utk jaga hati i akan telan semua sendiri but at one time its over the limit , who gonna stay ?
im getting fed up and i let him go even its fucking hurts .
8month i take along time to release and left everything behind . 
and im lost my faith for falling love and to trust guys . 
dude , just imagine . with him . i learn not to lied .
i learn to tell everything truth and i learned to gave him everything and will follow everything what he say what he need everything ,
is like i am perfect lover for him . but the distance of us make the thing happen . 
he always one nightstand with other girls .
who gonna stand it ? and i learned to be more patience with him .
that is the reason why we fall in love never gave 101% of our love . 
cause baby its hurts more than you know . 
the effect that he left for me nahh , until now even 2years we already break up . 
its still hurt and i still crying when i think of all of this 
. its hurts . but truts me he love by his heart 
. i never found someone like him .
that is why im still single now .
cause i need someone who gonna love me . 
care about me . honest ,accept who i am appriciate me. still got in here? nahh not like him ! he different ,different from everyone. and shah ,
i never regret for what had happen but i still appriciate you and im still proud of you love.
i admit i do love you still but i admit i would never have you back . 
for god sake. thanks shah, i am lucky get to know you .
:) even its hurt so much but i still feel the strength of love . 
ILOVEYOU for god sake . 
enough guys i dont want to bring all the memory back , im crying now . :(
enough for this JUNE ENTRY . thanks guys .
and shah sorry i did put your picture along. miss all the memories . :) 
thanks :)

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