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Saturday, May 21, 2011

okay :)

im not perfect, 
but there is im trying to be someone for you . 
from the first we knew each other ive told you , 
never ask me for loving you and stay with you . 
cause i know too many chicks is try to flirt around with you . 
but you did . 
and i dont blame you for all . 
cause i know my fault when im in love with you . 
but i cant control it . 
for god sake . 
i thought you  were serious . 
again . 
but yet you become a completely coward .  
cause you choose to silence your self while you know how much its hurt me then . 
dont you realise it ? 
ILOVEYOU , for the reason i had all . 
i told you that im not the right person for you but you did ask me for stay . 
then what have you done to me ? 
baby you hurt me . 
simply you hurt me . 
how damn well, 
ive been patience and be waiting of you . 
how i try not to be mad at you when you didnt reply me a text , a call . 
you know how damn well its hurt me so bad . 
:( im crying while im wrote this for you . 
i know you wont reply me anything but baby please . 
do alert how damn well i love you . :( 
but baby , im accept everything , redha . 
that what i really need , then insyallah i be calm as ussual :) 
thanks for the love that you gave and thanks for everysingle words that you say ILOVEYOU for me , 
Thanks bie , 
i appriciatte it more than you know . 
again, im sorry if i did anything wrong to you  . 
take care of yourself sayang .
and i love you and that is a honest thing . 
thanks again :) 

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