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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


                                                          i got this from Bobby My Cuzzy .
sorry,aku gedik nk jawab gak..haha
tgk mcm best ja .


Starting time : 04.33am

Name : Norsyazdlynda,Lynda & Ell .
Brother(s) : NO
Eye Color : gold brown .
Shoe Size : 8-9
Hair : light brown :)
Piercing : left ears : i got 3pierce, right ears : i got 2pierce .
What are you wearing right now : pyjama
Height : 160 cm
Where do you live : Penang - Jelutong !
Favorite Number :8,6,9.
Favorite Drink : Blue Hawaii and cafien :)
Favorite Month : Feb and September
Favorite Breakfast : i dont usually take breakfast .


Broken a bone : NO

Been in a police car : NO
Fallen for a friend : Yes (tett)
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time : Yes (so many times)
Swam in the ocean :NO
Fallen asleep in school : never . cause im more to chit chat with fellas .
Broken someone's heart : yeah, thing happen .
Cried when someone died : absolutely yes! just watched a freaking sad movie also my tears will automatically fall down.
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : yeahh, always :(
Save e-mails : Yes
Been cheated on :damn ! its just right the time  yeah !


Your room look like : messy with art ! haha

What is right beside you : wardrobe !
What is the last thing you ate : Maggi Goreng that i cooked by myself !

Who did you last yell at : my lil sis ! ask her to get her sleep!

Who was the last person you danced with : yoona med !
Who last made you smile : Meor Haqimy :)


What are you listening to right now : grenad -bruno mars.

What did you do today : seating all alone at sofa while online .! bored !
Are you the oldest : imma third !
Indoors or outdoors : both!

Talk to someone you like : Meor Haqimy :)

Kiss anyone : yes, i kiss yaya , lil sis !
Single : absolutely YES !
Talk to your ex : yeah , just today :)
Miss someone : Firdaus Yahya .
Eat : done!


You talked to on the phone : Hizam :)

Made you cry:Firdaus Yahya ,couple a days before .
You went to the mall with :Nana,Najat,Kya,Fenz :)
Who cheered you up : all my bestie!


Been to Mexico : never

Been to USA : never


Have a crush on someone : yes
What books are you reading right now : nope !
Best feeling in the world : when im feel im obses about it .
Future kids name : boy - Muhammad Farish Danial girl - Nur Fariesha Dania

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal :NOPE
What's under your bed : clean, empty .
Favorite sport(s) : not so .
Favorite place : island, beachh .
Who do you really hate : seriously ? no one's :)
Do you have a job : nope!
What time is it now : 04.47am


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