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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

there is something about MEORHAQIMY .

trust me when i say there is something about someone . 
and there he is . 
there something about MEORHAQIMY  . 
like i say before i am freaking easy falling in or out . 
damn it ! meor you are not so handsome
but the truth you are cute 
and there you are standing infront of me . 
so suprisingly because all you girl-friends damn hot baby . 
and i know i got nothing to compare with them and yet i did told you right about this . 
you know something why im feeling actractive to know more bout you ?
because of your face 
not because you are cute or else .
cause your face its show how much that you are arrogant . 
but yet , YOU ARE NOT . :)
maybe some part you are . 
i do admit it . heee ;)
and again like i told you i am scared to be closed with you cause all of your girl-friends. :) 
i know where im at . 
i know where is my status then . 
but anyway dude
you are so sweet when you asked me to keep my " PINK LOVE " 
which i never thought you gonna say that words. :) 
its nice to hear and i feels good when you calling me " BABY " 
and im glad i got to know you . 
and please do me a favour never walk away from me, 
or like ussually im the one who gonna walk away from someone . haha
nahh ~ what i mean here i need you to be beside me as closed friend :) 
thanks friends . 
you're being so good for me . 
and im glad then :)

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