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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


HAHA, nana please jangan marah i buat special blog for you babe . haha . 
ctie sorry curi this pic ! hee
the first thing come out when i saw this babe is
" bapak hot minah nie weyh , "
i am telling fenz about her .
then we guys start stalk your page before we dare to adding you at facebook . 
haha . the first picture i saw that i was a shock is this picture .
haha never expect atlast she is one of our good friends :)
you guys wanna something about her ? 
dia sangat tabah dan berdidikari ! 
yeah ! i respect dia sangat ! 
kalau i takkan berani hidup sendiri . 
i tak kuat even nampak i berani utk hidup sendiri . 
but not for this girl . 
she live by her own . 
there must be something good and bad about someone rite? 
but right now im just proud of her ! 
nana , you kuat ! and do believe me . 
she is a good friend . 
manja . 
mengada .
seksi . 
haha ! 
suka gelak . 
and kuat berfashion ! 
semua terserah dekat dia . 
and and dia sangat pemboros . haha
same like me before  ! 
taktau simpan duit !
and cara tido paling samseng NANA lah ! haha . 
pernah dengar " through this smile im bleeding " 
maybe ini lah yang nana rasa . 
but dia jarang tunjuk semua perasaan die tuh . 
cause what ? 
cause she is fucking strong balance with her fucking sexy ! haha
i wish i could be strong like you  . 
and dare to face everything by my self  . 
nana, i only can pray all the best for you and you will happy sayang .
ILOVEYOU as a good friend of my  .

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