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Saturday, June 4, 2011

finally .

After a weeks at my cousin house, 
i choose to go back my home .
quite messy that time with my headache and fever or else . 
so im just feelig lousy when im on my way going back . 
but suddenly when ferry arrived  . 
im feeling different .  
the reason is im smelling  a nice air of beach . 
nothing more pleasure than that . :) 
im arrived to jetty and guess what i meet my sweet lil gedixs rara ., haha 
the awkward thing is we are same jetty we are same ferry and we are arrived in same times . haha
then after meet her , 
she asking me for meet my bff , fenz. 
okay with the big luggage . 
IM ON ! 
haha . 
so then we are hangin out at prangin mall . then we catched movie REMEMBER ME . 
which is a great movie . 
nice movie . love it more ! 
then we are going back home . 
the bad thing is . my bff did the same thing that always be happen . 
shit . i hate it . 
hummm . 
ist kacang lupakan kulit ? kan ? 

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