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Sunday, June 12, 2011

" He Just Not Into You "

Hey guys ! this entry i made cause i did watch this movie like hundred times, but i never thought that i need to make entry for it . acctually i made this entry because mostly 80% of their quotes are very suitable and " boley diterima akal " why would i say that ? check it out by your self .

“A girl will never forget the first boy she ever likes.”
 Do you ever forget about the first men that has knock your hearts on ? Do you , seriously i wont forget the face of the first man im in love with . assume like 60% who still remember how the first man that they ever likes . do trust on me .

“- Why did you do that?
 Girls like us , when they got mad , the first thing that come out mostly from girls mouth is , " Why Did You do That ? " you know what its mean ? like " im cared bout you ! dont you see ? " ," okay , im jelous ! so dont do that !! " its just a same thing and same situation ! :)
- Because you smell like a dog pooh”
Guys who really want you they will judges you but in cute way ! like this ! :D
“Connie, do you know why that little boy did those things? Because he likes you.”
Sometimes we know the different either you like them or not . but we used to considered like " what ? really thing ? " haha what a woman ! :D
“We are all programmed to believe that if a guy acts like a total jerk that means he likes you.”
this is a real thing , cause they  got to nervous and they  start to act like a jerk , why is that ? haha . assume like this, " can you give one of skyjuice ? "  that is when they are act like themselves , this is what happen when they like us " what do you want to drink ? apple juice ? wine ? plain water ? milk ? chocolate ? " everything on the list will come out and everysingle word must have " errrr .. " haha , how you guys control your nerv dude ? :D
“How stupid is that a girl has to wait for a guy’s call anyway, right?”
Okay , this is freaking truth ! me myself sometimes met guys at the bar that ask for my number and " ill give you a call ! " but next tommorow i am damn waiting for his calling , is that stupid ? yeah ! that stupid cause youve too wait for a unsure guys ! MORRON!
“He’s totally gonna call.”
" he will call me , just soon or later.. He will " haha , i always says this . but the end , he let me down . dont call me and im the one who called him back . urghh ! but dont worry  im only be stupid person for a first time ! 
“I just need you to stop being nice to me unless you gonna marry me.”
How many out there gonna married you cause they really wanna care bout you and have a real family with you? not much !and like us , Islam , maybe some people just married cause they need  a paper like " HALAL " to make they stay together ! trust me ! i know few people like this ! haha if seriously if you be with me without thinking to having serious relation ship , im kicking you out slowly . :)
“Am I… will I be Al Pacino in this scenario?”
 Never get married but still happy ? NEVER ! i wanna get married and i wanna have a baby , you guys dont care ? who cares ! cause i care ! haha . its like my aunty didnt get married but still happy , now she like 46years old never get married ! virgin there ! haha but insyallah she will get married end of this year , so who really is AL -Pacino scenario ??:D
“- Maybe he lost my number or is out of town or got hit by a cab.
he dont call you right ?well, dont get upset ! thing happen lah babe ! ;) be cool !out there still got more people waiting to get out with you ! :)
- Or maybe he is not interested in seeing you again?”
This is sucks when someone telling you this right? but maybe there is truth about it . but maybe its wrong about it . haha just because the guys too busy doesnt mean he not interested in you right ? unless he pretend to be busy !
“MySpace is the new booty call”
this is freaking right, if someone from myspace ask you out , my advice never ! cause myspace now looks liked , MYSEX ? haha. to many horny people there ! so never get to know someone in there ! haha . but not all some people of that !
“What if you meet the love of your life? Are you suppose to let that pass you by?”
whn come to this shit , swear to god i hate to discuss about this because why , too complicated .like in the movie say , youve been married for like 10years, and one day you met someone that you loved , like the love of your life ?are you gonna leaving your husband or wife just because youve met someone that you just knew them . and you want to let go someone who you know about more than 10 years ? and more than 10years that you've been thru together ? will you ?-the answer look liked 3 answer, 1- maybe you have to let go the one you ve spent for like 10years cause there is no understanding between you guys . cause maybe youve try alot but thing just doesnt work . right ? cant be true , but if you guys had a child think twice okay before made any desicion . 2- maybe , its just like a test from Allah , and you've to get thru it and forget about it right ? dont be such a silly person if your relation still in a good condition and you just wanna destroy everything just because youve met someone is like a blink of your eyes ? well you guys morron ! 3- the easier answer is , " tak ada JODOH " haha this is shitty man !
“Is that an invitation?”
" Is like, i think i need to go back to hotel room , " damn ! is that invitation for me? if yeahh ! never ever follow ! unless he ask you nicely ! weyhh , dont be such a bitch even you are! please do maintain your ego there okay . :) haha hello man ! now 2011 ! no need to play hide and seek , if you wanna have romance just ask for it ! hahahaha .
“I had this guy leave me a voice mail at work, so I called him at home, and then he emailed me to my BlackBerry, and so I texted to his cell, and then he emailed me to my home account, and the whole thing just got out of control, and I miss the days when you had one phone number and one answering machine, and that one answering machine had one casette tape, and that one casette tape either had a message from a guy or it didn’t, and now you just have to go around checking all these different portals just to get rejected by seven different technologies. It’s exhausting.”
seriously ? i have no answer for this quotes and i dont know how to explain more . haha
“I can’t text, I’m not charming via text.”
this is sucks right ! its feels like " am i not good for you ? " if a man say to you like this , just leave him for a god sake ! its not worth to be a man who did not accept himself or yourself :)
“- So what now, I’m just supposed to run from every guy who doesn’t like me?
maybe there is something wrong with someone who advice you ! do think it back , not all the man it just same ,. okay . this is why we have " never judge a people by first sight "
- Ah.. yeah.
" dude ! im tired to answer you . !" haha . can i ? do you get it what im saying? what im trying is , this is exactly what guys gonna say in their heart. you are boring babe ! 
-There’s not gonna be anybody left…”
if you still act the same when you with others . im not telling you to change your attitude and become a hypocrite ! NO ! what im trying to say , change a lil bit that you think annoying to guys .:) research lahh weyh ,dont tell me you dont even know your self ? :p
“- He was cute…
 hold your breathe ! never ever show to the man you liked that you liked them , cause babe you will look cheap if you straightly go to him .

“The rule is this, if a guy doesn’t call you, he doesn’t wanna call you”
This is fucking right , if a guys doesnt call you at first . never ever call them! never ever text them , if they like you , they will find you !He's just not that into you if he's not calling you....men know how to use the phone :) never pleasee :)

So finish the explanation , do i ? haha about this quotes if guys really see this movie , you will get what im tryin to say. :)

Here are the Standard Suggestions that you should set up for yourself 
(i'm talking girls here) for your standards:
1. I will not go out with a man who hasn't asked me out first.
even sometimes you re dying too ! never please :) 
2. I will not go out with a man who keeps me waiting by the phone.
you should ! men are ego ! but women more than ego ! :)

3. I will not date a man who isn't sure he wants to date me.
this is unsecure never ever fall for someone like this !

4. I will not date a man who drinks or does drugs to an extent that makes me uncomfortable.
this sucks ! please " nyahhhh kau dari sini " hahaha !

5. I will not date a man who makes me feel sexually undesireable.
nahhh ! you are not hot dude ! so dont be ! haha

6. I will not be with a man who's afraid to talk about our future.
this is fucker , for like seriously ? im kicking you out by myself !

7. I will not, under any circumstances, spend my precious time with a man who has already rejected me.
sometimes love can do anything ! but try not to be with someone has rejected you and accept you cause sympathy ! never please !

8. I will not date a man who is married.
married man are sexy ! haha but please , avoid from it . cause not easy to  get away from it or stay with it :)

9. I will not be with a man who is not clearly a good, kind, loving person.

so i thing , gegurls outside do think twice if you gonna to fall in love with okay :)
untill here , thanks guys :)

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