Fellas :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

i dont have the answer for my own question .

Ive met one guys . His name is Rasul Mohammad .Nice name isnt ? and he good guys also , i think . We've just know each other . He kind sweet and ofcourse i like him . His face very naturally. How i wish i could have him . The way he flirting around only god know how sweet of him . He want me always by his side . He need me for make him keep smile . That what he told me . He keep told me i am sweet and im beautiful not like others beautiful . Different . That what he told me . And i keep telling him im not cause for god sake im not beautiful . The answer that he had " dady tak kesah janji mama mampu buat dady happy " dady mama he love to call me mama and im just follow the rythm . :) He so sweet guys , and he got a tough body ! damn ! Rasulll ! how i wish i can be with you . But i bodohkan ? I tak berani terima apa yang dia cuba pruposed disebabkan i takut benda lepas jadi , lepas apa yang i harapkan benda tak menjadi . Tapi kalau i silap macam mana dia betul2 perlukan i ? Im gonna miss the chance, tapi kalau i terima kalau i sakit nanti ? Humm, you , i ngaku i suka you . for the first time we met .But there is im scared to fall . And how hard im control it by myself . But dont worry i will keep my promise i will be there for you anytime and just for you for keeping you happy with no bonding . Like i told you insyallah let time decide everything . Im still gonna stick with you :)
Btw, He is 24 . He is education man and he got a good future in his career . :) Matured enough for me . And he  the one im looking for and i dont know why i have to do this . -___- Only god can tell . Thank You Allah ,wujudkan dia dalam hidup hamba mu ini ya allah , alhamdulillah :)
Enough now , thanks guys :)


  1. every women is beautiful ,ain't?? ;)

  2. but im not . long way to that title .