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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

im getting lost

Second by Second 
Minutes by minutes 
Hour come and go 
Day is waiting for no reason to stop . 
Its still  moving either you like it or not
And a Day wont ask what you need in your life today 
And the Hour wont tell you when its could stop  
Im jobless but im fulltime work with my life . 
Cause im still move on 
Struggles with my own life 
Im still god my payment when i did the right job 
My payment is valuable 
Its happiness i will get if i could done it better 
Nothing free in this world 
In this life that you have to lives on . 
You have to work for happiness 
I am admit im not happy now .
And im still trying to work for it 
And im sure Allah is so fair 
And im sure im so lucky to be choosen by Allah 
And Allah gave me all the test 
Non stop for god sake
How much more that i could hurt 
I just couldnt tell 
Cause this wounds too pain  
And I could not feel more pain than this
You tell me how ?  
I always tell everyone that i was not strong
But guess im wrong 
I am strong and I'm tough and I'm not weak
If i does how could possible i get thru all this shit ,
Yeah , its a life and i have to live with it 
Or i got to choose killing myself
Well i dont cause if i did i wont be here 
So i guess we all brave enough
For this life that we have to live on .
Dont tell me you are weak
Cause if you are 
You have too act like you dont 
Cause then slowly you will get you strength 
Ignore what people say bout you 
Ignore what people look at you 
Ignore when people throw you something
Ignore those people with that attitude
But dont ignore every single person that accuse you with all the bad thing
Hold it into your mind
Prove it to them one day 
You are not like what they say 
Let them open their eyes and realize  
That you are not the kinds of they thoughts
That is why confidence in yourself is important
So then you cant let control yourself .
Trust me a Day wouldnt wait for you to be better 
You have to catch the Day and make it better 

~thanks ~

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