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Sunday, June 5, 2011

im good to advise people but im not good advice myself -___-

LOL :D lets me laugh at myself first with this entry . yeah . its fucking truth . you can ask me anything and for seriousl i will give you a good advice but myself its not complete and not so good to have or take advise .
but this entry its the whole story bout me . NO . its about someone else . the one that thought i hate her and she hate me atlast IM me and asking me for a god sake a great question ! -______-  follow up our conversation .
  • SHE : i nak tnya you . 
  • ME :tanya apa ?
  • SHE : ble u break dgn bf u ape u buat

  • ME : haha , well kalau you tanya 2tahun lepas bila i break dengan serious bf i , suck gila 8 bulan kot i amik masa nak okay . but now bila i break ngn bf i . i biasa je . try berkawan dengan ramai2 . cuba buang kenangan yang ada dengan dia i mmean benda yang ley ingat kan dia . and jangan be alone ! never !!

  • SHE : sory i ask u but nie first time i serius wth guy bfore nie mcm tk ksah i mtk break sbb i rasa dye mcm tk dlu i knal . .

  • ME : then , dah break ke ??

  • SHE : dah i yg mtk smlm sgt sakit u tahu i asek nges ble sorg2 .
  • ME : hummm , biasalah people change dear .but kalau dia sayangkan kita dia takkan lepaskan kita .

  • SHE : time i mtk ptus dye tk nak dye ckp buat mcm mula2 knal but i tak nak sbb i tahu bnde tuu akn jd blku know wht that boy keje kat tmpt i prctkel sgt ssah .
  • ME : alahh . in that case you kena set on your mind just anggap die not more than friends . trust me , it will helps . and try not to over him straight ly .
  •  SHE :  THANKS YOU . :)
So ini part of my conversation lagi ada yang dipost kat wall  . 
but i think no need lah . nama dia pun i tak mentioned sini . haha . kang buat dia lak marah ke apa kan . so there STORYLINE yang sebenar i nak buat is apa yang korang buat bila korang break ? 
For me as ussual memanglah i will heart breaker like death . 
makan tanak mandi tak basah segalanya lah . but then insyallah you will be okay . :) cause why im saying this ,
cause ive got thru it . and 8month i took time to get back to myself back . and its not easy thing . 
the first thing i do to make me forget about everything . like korang cuba nak gelak . gelak apa je . and try puaskan hati and diri sendiri .
korang akan rasa kadang kadang diri korang hypokrit cause buat benda yang bukan dari hati korang but percaya lah itu salah satu nak buat korang tak pikir sangat . second thing is ,
go and get your self some fun lah weyh ! i mean enjoy , 
if you are party people go and have some wild party ever ! haha . that is what im doing . 
Third , get a new social life ! get a real social life !
what im trying to say is . go and get to know guys and try date with them .
but dont you ever ask it first . cause youu will look so freaking desperate then . keluar jelah berapa banyak korang nak keluar  janji masa korang terisi dengan benda lain selain nak ingatkan dia . fourth . paling best , 
kalau korang break while korang keja is good korang akan terlalu fokuskan tentang kerja je . 
and do trust me work will make your head empty for like nothing . 
haha so then memori korang akan kurang tentang dia . trust me  .
Fifth never get your self alone, 
please if you are alone get yourself busy with something . 
come on now its so much thing of like this, 
so get your self busy with it when you got nothing to do . 
beside perhaps you will meet someone you will like . haha .
Sixth thing is how to handle if your ex is around you guys ,
means kalau korang break bf korang keja tempat sekali ke , stdy sekali ke , which is susah kan ? 
my main point is please please do never show infront him ,like you cant live without him ,
you still need him.  NEVER ! and NEVER do that ! Okay ? 
cause you will look like korang tak laku , 
korang tergedik gedik  still nak dia even dia dah tanak korang . i know its not easy thing to get back as ussual
but mind set which is very important thing which is you have to ! set on your mind 
please do set it on your mind .
and lelaki ni ada satu habit tau dia suka kacau kita even kita dah tak ada pape , so bila dia kacau kita , 
kita jangan buat donno je . kita layankan je .
but layan dengan cara yang tahap perempuan berlagak gila . haha . 
serious bila laki tercabar dia akan dekat dengan kita balik if kita masih sayang dia . kalau tak 
. korang berlagak dan tayah layan langsung . okay . hee .
but do mind set . JUST BE FRIENDS  .
okay . :) i ada satu habit tau korang bila i break down ,
i akan makan makanan sweet and i would never touch benda lain selain chocolate when im in depressed .
try it !it wouldnt make you fat even im the one . haha . 
Otherway i tak tau lah you guys but for me . 
this is the bacis thing that we should did after we break up  . thats all . thanks again :)

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