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Sunday, June 26, 2011

its doesnt mean im " PLAYGIRL "

Playgirl ? there is no such thing in my life of dictionary . yeah , i do met guys in differently time . FYI ! im too easier to love people . keep them ? think twice :) Not in the same time . I do falll sometime when they being close to me . But i swear to God, i didnt fall in everyone in same time . I do prefer take it as bussiness , finish my first project , let its done first . If there is going quite well i will continue it if not  That its ! Enough :D and start to start the new project do i ? :) haha .Okay enough . Let me story about the new guys ive met :D

See this ? he only 22 ! and i like him ! :D
And this one ? different isnt ? haha he had to cut off his hair cause his ex ask him too .

I dont love him . 
I just like him .
I dont want him .
Im just need him .
I love his smile 
I love his hair 
I love his sweetness
I love how he try to be more romantic :)
He just having a break up thing 
And im just try to be a good listener 
And i do make promise 
To care, protect and always try to cheer him up .
That my promise to him
After a while he made a same  promise like i do .
He such a sweet talker ! haha 
Everything that he say to me
Im melt automatically
Suddenly i feels like i am
Vannessa Hudgens and you are Zac Efron 
Everypart of you im in love :))
But too bad we are different  
You are having a shisha while midnight 
And im having my liquor while midnight 
But one thing for sure you got a superbike 
And i love superbike LOL
That its :)

Unpredictable right ? :D 
Thanks :D

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