Fellas :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Hey kila ! this is for you specially entry for you . acctually i adore you not because you are beautiful or what . but based on your attitude . You ada attitude dalam diri you . attitude bila you berlakon . attitude bila you pose . You are fucking hot  and i rasa you sendiri sedar yang you sememangnya cantik dan hot . You untung kila , ada background family yang cukup baik utk menaikkan you . Which is very open minded family and love and respect what you want to do . Kila you are still young in this industry , and i tak nak nama you diam bila 2 tahun lagi . i nak bila 2tahun lagi nama you semakin naik . insyallah i akan terus support you and pray for the best luck for you .and kila i love you and i tahu you are freaking hot , yes i hate those people who say that you are popular cause of your hot body and hot pose , damn it ! i know you are not , you are good in acting you are good in singing , YOU ARE TALENTED !so dear kila please prove it to them , they are wrong . i know you are talented just like your mom  . :) and i know you are strong to get thru in this industry . and i want you to be strong . you know i susah nak addict pada pelakon penyanyi what so ever , but you are second artist in malaysia that i follow after Elyana. and even she is married already and i didnt stop following her and im still loyal and keep pray for her and keep support her . so do you , i will . so dont let me down dont let your fans down . cause kila i know you are damn talented and strong enought to be in this industry . How i wish i could meet you , chilling with you , i wish so bad ! and one more thing , KILA ! i love all your shoes all your heels ! everytime you ada dalam magazine ke tv ke iklan apa apa ke , i akan tengok kasut you ! cantikk ! nak nak you yang pakai kan ? and rambut you jangan nak kata lah memang i jelous , rambut i dah bertahun tak panjang panjang lagi . sama je . mana tak panjang potong panjang potong so bila nak rambut cam you guys tak boley . haha badan you lagi lahh ! S tuh ! untung you kila , you cukup bukaan perfect , tapi cukup package  . Kila , all i need is  to meet you , please i nak you doakan jugak ! one day insyallah kita akan meet ye ye , susah sikit sebab i dekat penang ! kan besh kalau i dekat kl , memang i carik you , ley snap pic together-gether :D  Kila , good luck in your career , ill support you like forever , keep move on , do the best , stay healthy ! stay gorgeous ! wish the best luck for you . iloveyouKILAFAIRY! kila, one more thing , ingat nama i LYNDA ! im from Penang , how i wish i can put my phone number here and you gonna take it , then you call me  ! haha . .damn ! i know i cant do that . -____- always take care kila .

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