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Sunday, June 12, 2011

meaningless .

The GOOD LUCK then HAHA , its means IM JELOUS . dont you get it ? 
The Okay then I NEED TO GO , its means I WANT YOU HOLD ME BACK ! 
The MISS ME ? then IM JUST ASKIN , its means I NEED YOU . 
Dont you see all this freaking words ? 
I need you here .
Dont you know all the words of OKAY 
its means ITs NOT OKAY 
Do you get it now 
How i againts your words 
Cause i want you to push me in .
Boys are blind, at least you
I could die to get a kiss from you
I don't know what you feel about me
But my feelings for you is sure

The sun shines for me cause I believe in us
You set me on fire, you make me feel like melting cause you'r so hot
All I want is that you would kiss me, touch me, hold me and never let me go
Words are not enough but still darling I WANT YOU .

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