Fellas :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

thanks GOD :)

my lips is tiny . 
my eyes colour is dark brown . 
i got naturally black hair colour . 
i got a chubby shape . 
i love people around me .
and i love being me 
even sometimes there is 
a reason why im break down . 
and there is nothing special bout me .
and im not perfect . 
no one does .
but im trying to find someone who can make my life look perfect . :) 
and life must go on . 
no matter you like it or not . 
you just have to live with it . 
hows hard your life ? 
do you ever think it twice 
if you were hard to survive 
still someone out there more harder than you .
if im the on who unlucky because im not pretty ? 
im so wrong . 
im so lucky cause i was born perfectly . 
cause stiil outhere who living with umperfectly . 
you guys know what i mean . 
we are so lucky here :)

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