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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

what a mess -.-

this post supposed on 26.6.2011 :D**i didnt online so now here its :D

I had a great night .
Not with all the mess that o had 
But when i had my good best buddies around me 
Everything turns enjoy :) 
How i love them all , Nana, Fenz, Kya and Najat :)
and to ZIAD FUAT .
Najat , i know you gonna read this .
But trust me your lil bro cute :D
And one thing for sure im so regret
That i didnt seat next to him lastnight .
Its doesnt mean i dont want just im scared im getting more bitchy . 
But do bring him next week :) 
The other two friend of him, err depends =.="

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