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Thursday, June 9, 2011

you know i wont say anything words
even its was a bad or good thing you did
you know i would never let you hurt
even 1 day i not here with you anymore
i wont and im gonna still here
to care to love to please everything you need
did you see how much i care bout you .
and you know i wouldnt ask anything for return
cant you just let me love you and dream about you everyday
and i dont ask you too for love me like i  do
i know one day i will get hurt
but who cares if i still can be with you .
you know i dont care about everything much .
cause all i need i s here is you .
and now let me love you and please you
let me let me let me
for once to tell you what i feel
and i know how much its will hurts
and i thought sugar apparently bitter sweet .
and how i would never give up on  a day come and go
and you still there to watch e up
baby you know im gonna go away .
how far could i be waiting for this too long and you know i would never stay
cause i need to find another love in between
you know how much im hoping for you so then
never let me down a
and please never let me down
cause you know
my hearts is in you ..

This i make by myself . haha . sekali imbas je i terus wrote everything :)

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