Fellas :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

At Last .

Its happen suddenly and i cant stop thinking of you .We've known for like 2years plus . OMG. Im start to fall for her . But she is too freaking hot . And nothing to compare with me . Its should be , 6 JULY 2011 we should met , but suddenly she call me askin me where i am , that time i was at Gurney . She drove there . And hell yeah i was goin takin my supper and i got a call from her . SHE HERE ! damn! Im start shaking for like whole body , And playing mith blackberry pretend like i dont even know that she here .She there ! Turn my head and i was like " DAMN SHE HOT !" What should i do , when i was shake hand with her , like ussually kiss at her cheeks .Like i cant stop breathe .ouh damn .I already told my self not to fall in love but i did . :D Now with a HOT CHICKS ! And tonight we gonna meet again . And see whether everything is going well or not . Im so pressure because she is too hot . She told me she doesnt care at all . But i care . :( Shania, i think i fall for you ♥ ♥ ♥ Thanks for a short meet and a bigger stab into my heart . :)

 She totally different from her picture . Trust me she is a attractive and sweet person ever .               


  1. yahhhh finally ! :) I bet you will be girl addicted afterwards :)