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Monday, July 4, 2011


Yeah ! money is there , i got two choice now , party-ing , holiday - ing in Kuala Lumpur. Not a holiday actually cause ive go there several time so which is not holiday just chilling with buddies there :) To get a money its not easy thing  you have to beggin for it . Not begging like , " pleaseeee , give me some or else i killed my self ! " definately not like that . Something sweet to begging with . HAHA .You have to work to get a money , before that you have to GET A JOB ! Okay , ive been unemployee like half years i think . Damn its too long ! HAHA .Nevermind , i dont want to talk about it . There's more i cant wait and i still counting on ! Let me descirbed with those oicture , and depend on you guys what you guys gonna thought about it :)

UNDERSTOOD now what i really need ? The liltlle baby i will explain later :D
Enough for this entry thanxie guys !

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