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Monday, July 4, 2011


How many time did i have to post or did i have to make it clear that i dont like to hate people ! Cause baby, when im did , i will get mess with everything around you . Dont you feel bad act like a bitch behind me ? And act like super duper angel infront of me ? You got your own boyfriends ! and im single so let me be ! With who im gonna be with who im gonna goin out , fuuck ! there is nothing going to do with you. Im not bicth , cause i didnt date with all of them in same time ! But you did fuucker ! you got your own boyfriends and still you goin out with other fucker , What made you be ? SUCK ! So if you got something to say  stand infront of me , look at in my eyes , and say whatever gonna say . cause im gonna give your HIGHER RESPECT than now , see , im fucking you babe ! you make me hate you now. Im just feeling better and wanna have a day out with you soon or later but i did found out this shit ? How could you sucker ? I thought you are change , I listen to all your probs , Ive been there for you . But what you did ? YOU MAKE YOU LOOK SUCH A BICTH ! i told you dont make me pissed off , cause more to come if im comfront you ! Okay , Whatever im gonna be , what ever im gonna do . I know what my status , I know which part that im stand . I know what its right what its wrong ! Like i say , I getting evil now , so no way im gonna fall in love now . And for your information I DONT DATE GUYS FOR NOTHING ! there is muct be something , Did ask me first . can you ?
END !sorry too much F words in this entry . pissed off ! :D BYE.

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