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Thursday, July 21, 2011


Do you guys know him ? 
I bet half of you guys dont even know who really he is . 
He is Malaysia Footballer Captain .
He was born at 1987 :) 
So mean now he's only 24 right ?
Like seriously 
I never get into footballer even from outside of Malaysia 
But im support team MU 
That because all my close people 
Addict to MU .
HAHA , relevan i think ? 
I never watch Malaysian team on live 
But that day when team Malaysia meet Liverpool 
My cousin wanted to watch 
So i have too watched it too cause 
Only in my grandma house got astro 
That time i was in my hometown 
So when the show its started
First person in the tv that i saw when the game is started is SAFIQ RAHIM
That time i was like , 
Laughing with my cousin 
Cause Malaysian team look so cute compare to Liverpool team . 
Because they are too short compare to Liverpool . 
HAHA , seriously i was laugh .
And im only saw a serious face from Safiq Rahim 
And i was like , 
" eeww ~ gigi kedepan muka sombong . " HAHA 
Serious shit i was laugh .
And in that game 
I dont know why my eyes keep on looking at Safiq Rahim . 
I dont know why . 
Until he made a free kick goal ! DAMN ! 
Before he mada the free kick
I saw his face few second 
Feels like somtimes came and stab me into myy heart 
DAMN ! I LIKE HIM ! hahahaha
Then I started to find him in Facebook 
But then i wanna add
The page is full :( 
But i odnt givin up 
I sent him a message there :) 
But then i try to find the officially page for him
I found and i LIKE the page then i start to post wall to him 
The next day  
He reply my message that i sent to him
I was shout like hell
Im so damn happy ! 
Then i start to msg with him
And he start to reply me
Then i left my fone number there 
Bitchyy rigght? 
But why now we tryin isnt ? 
And today around 10pm something
I got message from 0196****** HAHA 
Guess who ?
Seriously ??
Its was Safiq Rahim weyhh ! 
My mom was there and i shout like hell again ! HAHA
I dont know why 
He not handsome 
But there is something about him 
I know i wont get him but its enough if he willing to reply me :) 
Thanks Safiq , im glad and im happy you were texting with me 
So then ,
I will stick to be your fan 
Trust me , i will :) 

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