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Monday, July 4, 2011

still counting .

Im still counting . Nak tau tak  kenapa ? heee . sebab  cousin i nak melahirkan dalam this week or next week ! abby girls okay , and i was liike so exciting . Ingat nak balik minggu lepas , But Najat hold me until this wednesday  . Hope everything is on . Cause i tangguh semua sebab you okay najat  . sebab you nak tuttt :D SO ill be back on thursday maybe ? And tunggu until she deliverd the baby ! Ouh my ! cant wait cant wait !! new baby girl is comingg to Ahmad Generation !haha . Insyallah everything gonna be fine yee cuzzy ? :) She did ask me something , what is the best name for her daughter ! aahh ! tunggu lagi , ill give mine !" Nur Fariesya Arianna and Nur Qalisya Adrianna :) " nice or not ? tell me nice please ! haha .
I dont know why im to excited actually eventhought i didnt show my feeling to them , 
But seriously im too excited ! Well what more i can do unless pray for the best and 
Insyallah tak ada apa apa akan jadi lah . Amin :)
Will update guys if i did see her baby in a weeks ! 

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