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Friday, August 5, 2011

Hey , i tak pernah upload tentang strangers . But this man . Different . Really diff .I selalu buka youtube and always view anykind of man who play with instrument . And i tak dapat jumpa malay man who play so good. But he did . I fall in love in one of his instrumental . the song was KISAH DONGENG by STACY . And i ada follow dia dekat Facebook . And also in youtube . Seriously i fall in love with his finger . Please , korang tengok dia main was like so superb . Do support him please. Bukan je dengan pandai main alat music, piano guitar . But his voice sangat best . Seriously , kat atas ni ada link dia . korang click je and akan kuar dia nye channel at youtube , chill up yourself there . He great and awesome :) Dear Affan, Insyallah oneday you will be stand up . And you will proud of what give you have . Wish the best luck for you affan :) Good luck .

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