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Monday, August 15, 2011

Finally .

Hey there , Like seriously i never love MONDAY ! But there is something today . And YES !New post about new partner . Yes ! I completely will tell the whole world . That i had someone really special make me feel special .Actually i use to date with him before.But not too long . Then we break up cause im in love with other man .Jahatkan ? But dia tahu perasaan i masa tuh . Like percaya atau tak this man . Tunggu i . And He admit until now . He still love me . What more do I need ? This is not about love . But  this is future . I tak nak lah lagi kejar cinta yang tak mungkin i dapat . Jadi i relakan amik risiko utk terima orang yang sayangkan i lebih dari i sendiri sayangkan dia . But i will try. And im the one who respect the relation and ofcourse i akan pertahan selagi yang mampu . The reason why i cakap dia baik , maybe one sebab i dah penah buat dia kecewa a bit so then i rasa bersalah .And sikit pun dia tak pernah nak maki hamun i like other guys . He so different not like other guys . And finally tonight dia admit semua so do i . And we buat keputusan utk stay together . Nak tahu kenapa i terima dia ? Sebab satu , dia tak tinggi suara dengan i , Dia tak pernah nak cakap kasar , Dia follow i je, And alhamdulillah dia honest all the time for now. And before masa i kenal dia . Humm . Secara honest bie, i cant trust you like truust you like no ones does . NO ! I DONT TRUST YOU LIKE 101% . Yes , dia boyfie saya but saya tak percaya dia sangat sebab tak nak benda yang sama jadi lagi for now . IM yours and you were mine . And i love you and thanks we on the great date 15th day of puasa . 15082011 . Alhamdulillah sayang . For the rest of you guys , Doakan lah i dengan dia . :) I will try harder to be the one for him , family and friends . Ouh lupa ., for those guys and babe , sorry . You guys too late . :) Love you all :)
Mr, Ben Zaidan , ILY :)
p/s : He's not like Prince Charming but atleast He always there when i need him . ILOVEYOU :)

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