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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hey Soul Sister ♥



Hey Soul Sister
Okay over tak this caption for you honey? 
teeheee ~
Actually like honestly
I dah lama nak post something about you . 
So then now when you askin me for my blog 
I think i supposed to put something 
To appriciatte you honey . 
Sali Salbiah @ Sally Umar 
Well i think i dah biasa call you as Sally Umar . 
And honey your name is like one in thousand . 
Peduli apa orang kata janji you ada nama yang sedap . 
Babe , do you remember the first time we knew each other .
Not like other people . 
Well, first of all. 
Thanks too FACEBOOK
Cause i found you in facebook . 
Like seriously i thought you were friend of mine . 
The one yang i pernah lepak once only kot . 
So then suddenly i saw your post at my friends post . 
So like Zazzzzzzzz ~ im adding you up . :) 
After few's day you approve me honey  
Do you still remember this picture syg ? 
             Yes! this picture is the one when the time im adding you up , hon . 
Well, looking up at our friendship begin on March30  
Thanks too Facebook again .
For someone pelupa macam i alhamdulilah still ada date to remind us isnt ? 
So diam tak diam its like almost 4month already we knew right . 
But too bad that day tak sempat nak jumpa . 
I sangat lah dissapointed sangat sayang . 
But guess what . 
I will make it up after EID .
Okay . 
Can you describes me babe ? 
Nope , i dont think so . Im so complicated . 
But you babe , you like so easily to talk with . 
To understand and tak lupa to easily to fall in     
What more ? Well babe ,you such a caring person . 
Like seriously masa i add you i tak pernah sangka yang kita akan jadi so close 
I though you sombong 
Well like people say DONT EVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER isnt ?
So i guess im wrong .
You such a sweet hotties girl babe.
And yeah ILOVEYOU babe . 
As my good friends of mine .
Cara you lain dari perangai you . 
So different . And i almost love everything about you Sally     
   See this girl ? 
Tell me what you love about this girl ? 
Absolutely her smile  
And why is that ?
Sally honey , you nak tau tak kadang kadang bila i ada masalah 
I kusut sangat . Tapi bila terpandang you . Your picture 
Is like something new has enter in myself . 
Honey , you are such a caring person . 
Loving person . 
Weak person sometimes .
You tak kuat and tak cukup ego , urgh -.-'
That is why yo easy to be loved . teehee . Im just joke.
And i dont know why bila dengan you 
I feel so different . . means
I cant even yelled at you, like seriously i cant . 
And i think if i guna perkataan kasar like " kau aku " and it will like hurt me so badly .
Cause im scare you hurt if i say something harsh .
Sebab awak terlalu sweet . 
Macam mana kita nak bergaduh manja ey ? LOL 
HAHA , like seriously, jum tomoii sesama baru besh . LOL 
Im just kidding .
Please jangan comment disini pula and cuba nak cakap benda yang sama dekat i .
This one for you .
And Uzey lucky to have you sayang . 
And you are the luckiest person cause he love you too like you do . 
And please Uzey take a good care of her . :) 
Well i tumpang happy for you . 
And i will keep wishing for your happiness .
Better dari that old guy . Even he look cute too . but rawr . ;p
 Sally , promised me one thing we will stay as BESTFRIEND like forever?
And let we share everything doesnt care either its hurt , happier , tears , everything . 
Lets we share together . 
Let we spend all the joy together as Bestfriend .
Really distance make us apart .
But not with the conecttion that we have .
Im not feeling good when i knew someone so good or so sweet like you .
But im feeling appriciatte for someone like you .
Ouh one more thing , nak tahu tak satu rahsia?
Cerita i bukan banyak yang happy banyak yang kurang happy and sememangnya tak happy kot 
And i felt like i wanna share everything .
But i cant stand to tell you what ive been thru and make you feels down 
Its more hurt when someone close to me feeling sad .
That is why i jarang nak share dengan you .
Cause to look at someone close to me feels down 
Plus because of us 
Nothing more hurt me than that . 
So i better not telling anyone . :)
Sally Honey , always remember me even this distance stop us . 
Okay . 
You are my good friends . 
And im feels so close and really connected with you .
Like sibling ♥
Okay tell me if im get too over than limit . 
But this is how i felt .
Last but not least ,
Sorry if this post make you uncomfortable or what . 
But this i just want you to know what i really felt . 
I hope you smiling now . 
And thanks again and i appriciatte alot you as my Bestfriends :)
iloveyou SALLY UMAR
p/s : Honey sorry i take your picture  . Sorry :|

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